Wakah Logistics is a logistics, courier and delivery company based in Nairobi with branches in most major towns In Kenya and the surrounding regions.

We work with people from different countries in Africa and the world at large to help solve e-Commerce problems in terms of logistics, warehousing and order fulfillment.

Wakah Logistics is focused on solving people’s problems in logistics, movement of goods from one person to the other, connecting buyers to sellers, e-Commerce logistics, warehousing and fulfillment of orders, petty errands among many other key logistical services.

The e-Commerce industry has grown enormously in the past few years and most businesses have switched to online platforms, thanks to the internet. However, there’s a big gap that is left unoccupied which is linking the two parties, the customer and the buyer.

Most people want to feel the touch of whatever goods they are buying before making that payment. That is where Wakah errands comes in. we provide customized deliveries and courier services for online businesses which include the cash on delivery services all over the country.

We offer same day delivery for areas surrounding Nairobi, overnight and next day delivery for nearby towns and 2 day shipping options for further places. This guarantees you that you will not lose out on orders because of distance or not being physically available for the delivery.

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