The Best E-Commerce and Order Fulfillment Services In Kenya

E-commerce order fulfillment is the complete process of getting orders to the clients .It involves a step by step process from the moment an order is received on the merchants website to the moment it is delivered to the client. We have a developed e-commerce fulfillment system whereby we are able to complete the whole process in a maximum of 6-24 hours countrywide. We deliver to the customers doorstep same day in Nairobi(12 hour delivery ) and 24 hour delivery to any region countrywide. This is how our fulfillment process looks like;

  1. Receiving Inventory

the incoming inventory must be counted, inspected and inventoried to ensure the proper amount was received and the quality is acceptable. Inventory Storage

When the goods are received in the fulfillment center, they are inventoried Items are ideally stored just long enough to help organize the orderly distribution of goods for existing sales, rather than to hold product for future sales.

  • Order Processing

In the online marketplace, order management software can be integrated with the shopping cart on an ecommerce website to automatically initiate order processing.

  • Picking

Our picking team selects items from the warehouse according to a packing slip’s instructions. The packing slip contains specific information, such as a list of item, product colors, sizes, number of units and location in the distribution center’s warehouse.

  • Packing

Packing materials are selected by the packing team and items are packaged accordingly. Fragile ones are wrapped in bubble wrap and labelled “fragile”.

Further, packing teams often include return shipping materials and labels in case the customer wishes to exchange or return the item for a refund later.

  • Shipping

The order passs to a transportation channel for shipping to the customer. Shippers and carriers where its weighed and organized in the courier.


The dispatch team releases the goods to respective destinations via the most suitable means. We use motorbikes in the nearby locations and courier vans depending on weight, weather, urgency among other logistical considerations.

  • Returns Processing

Returns processing begins with including shipping materials and a return label with the original customer’s order.