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What Can I Outsource To Be More Productive At Work

What to Outsource for You to Be Productive at Work?

To outsource means to temporarily engage somebody to carry out what you should have carried out. Most companies outsource their employees in the hope of cutting on costs and to reduce loss. Does outsourcing have any advantage to the company? Outsourcing has its benefits both to the employees and the company. Below are some of them;

  • There are lower labour costs
  • Reduces authoritarian regulations
  • It enhances flexibility
  • Employees are open to skilled expertise, thus improve their results
  • The business grows at a big rate
  • It enables the business to run for a long time since your partner can take over after leaving work.

There are two types of outsourcing, namely onshore outsourcing, and offshore outsourcing. Onshore outsourcing involves you as an entrepreneur outsourcing to the people around your locality, whereas offshore outsourcing involves outsourcing to people in different geographical areas or even countries.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing helps to increase the effectiveness as it keeps the employees on their toes. They can provide the best they can. When they work at their best, they get satisfied with the job they are doing. Outsourcing ensures that the risks are alleviated. Outsourcing saves on time in that it keeps some functions in a small circle.

If you want to meet your company’s objectives and goals, try outsourcing. When a company allows outsourcing by the employees, it gives out what it can offer best, and as a result, it can fulfill the mission and the goals it has. Outsourcing also enables you to concentrate on your business and do what you are capable of doing.

When Should You Outsource?

There is no specific time for outsourcing in business. This is because businesses are unpredictable. You are not very sure of what is going to happen in the future. Whenever you have a chance, or you feel like outsourcing, feel free to do so.

Try and outsource the things that you spend most of your time doing. You can as well hire someone with the knowledge to perform a certain task for you. Here are some of the things you should outsource

  1. Laundry

This mostly happens in the urban areas whereby you advertise for your laundry services, and the clients bring you their dirty linen for laundry. The prices charged will depend on the linen’s type being washed, the detergents used, and the power.

  • Keeping Items in Stock

Your house needs to be well-stocked. Your assistant will ensure that you don’t run out of the necessities. They will always stock enough.

  • Watching for News

Your assistant will keep you posted with news that you need to know. You will not be lagging, but you will always be informed.

  • Grocery Shopping

You may choose to do grocery shopping. If you have a busy work schedule, you may not visit the market now and then. All you need to do is to call and make your order, and you deliver it. You will always get fresh foods from the market and whatever is in season. How good is that!

  • Gardening

If you are on large scale farming, it will be hard for you to till the land alone. Therefore, you need to hire someone to help you with some activities like planting, watering the animals and plants, harvesting, and the like. They will come with the proper equipment and ensure your work is well done.

  • Maiden or Cleaner

Instead of having someone coming to your house every weekend, you can opt for a local person to do the cleaning daily or in need.

  • Cooking

You may have a chef come and prepare tasty and professional meals for you. Alternatively, you can consult a food vendor and make orders for the types of foods you want to be delivered and the time. You can make it a habit as you are consuming the service daily.

  • Everyday operations

These may include visiting the bank, the post office, and the like. Have someone drop your letter or pick it up at the post office. Banks and other money-lending institutions may have limitations when it comes to money transactions, and therefore you need to do it yourself in some cases.

  • Virtual Office Assistant

Assistants are essential, especially in smaller businesses, because they work in remote areas and they require little. They work independently as contractors and freelancers. Therefore, this saves you money in that you will not incur any losses and extra costs like paying taxes. Again they manage all the duties and workload as they have all the supplies they require for your business.

Manage Your Schedules.

 Get a person to help you organize your daily and weekly schedules in an orderly manner. This will prevent you from missing important events or being late for meetings. You will have enough time for preparation as you will be updated all the time.

Organize Your Files.

Your office files need to be neatly arranged. This is easy for the retrieval of information.

Respond to Clients

Clients are always eager for products and services they are getting as they want nothing but the best. They will keep on calling, emailing, messaging to know what they are curious of. This needs a lot of attention, and you cannot manage it alone. Your assistant will do all these activities for you.

Social media marketing

This improves communication between service providers and clients. Advertisements are also done here in case there are new goods in the market or any price change. A freelancer can manage your account for you or get a consultant to do it for you.


You need to deliver the right information to people. Therefore, researching certain issues and topics is crucial. All you need to do is to visit the related websites and look for what you want to know about. You get to interact with professionals worldwide, and they give you true information.

Graphic Design and Digital Presentation

Your websites and social media accounts need a skilled designer who is also creative. This makes it look presentable. This saves on time, and you will have ample time to go through the presentations and understand them well.

In-Person Tasks

 They may include arranging and changing furniture. For these kinds of services, you need someone local as they will show up in time and get the work done.

Appointments and Reservations

You need to make bookings from service providers. For instance, in salons, hotel reservations, appointments with a doctor, garage services, when you want to take your car for servicing. Hiring an assistant will reduce all these workloads, and it becomes easier for you to run your day to day activities.

Answering Your Phone

You need to hire a receptionist since the virtual assistant may not manage to carry out the other tasks and answer the phone. A receptionist will bring some professionalism in your business, and this will help you deal with some impromptu calls.

Birthday Shopping

An assistant will ensure that no single birthday is missed, be it yours or your friends’. You need to provide them with the details like the

date, possible gifts, and the year one is turning. By so doing, you will be pretty sure to not to miss any birthday event.

  • Buying Airline Tickets

You can hire someone you trust to book for your airline tickets from the airport. This is because there is so much required, and the person has to be conversant with the booking procedures. This makes sure you don’t miss a flight.

  • Document Shredding

In an office, you might require to get rid of some sensitive documents. You are at a higher risk of disclosing the information to other people if you put it in a waste bin. A shredder now works best for you. Let someone do the shredding.

  • Proofreading

You need to send error-free information. Someone needs to overlook the information before you send them.

  • Bill Collection

When someone has your pending bills or has some arrears, it is good that you send an assistant to inquire of when the money will reach you.

  • Interviews

Assistants will help you carry out interviews. They will organize the questions to ask the interviewees and put the answers together. They will later decide on who passed the interview and who failed.

  • Driving

 When you let someone drive you to your destination, you will get free time to make some calls, read favorite books, or even use your computer.

  • Plan Your Vacation

An assistant will give you some suggestions for the best places to go for a vacation. If possible, they should know your likes and find suitable places for you.

  • Comment Filtering

Assistants will enable the filtering of comments in your blog. They will also respond to comments if need be.

  • House-Sitting

For instance, if you are out for business matters or for a vacation with your family, you can allow someone to stay in your house until you come back.

  • Online Presence

You will not have extra time for being online, and therefore someone can update your platforms on social media. This keeps your online image.

  • Personal Goals

They may include personal work-outs, morning runs, and the like. Your assistant will keep records of how much weight you have gained or lost.

  • Business Goals

You need to keep track of the sales every day. This will help you know whether you are making losses or profits and even know whether your business is stagnating.

  • Wake-Up Calls

Your assistant will give you a wake-up call and provide the events expected to be carried out on that day.

  • Changing Phones

If you need to switch phones, let the assistant do it for you as it may be time-consuming. They will make the necessary changes.

  • Gather Menus

If you are eating in a restaurant, your assistant will help you gather menus. They will get a copy of the menu before the events day. In case you need to make any changes to it, they will correct and hand it over to the persons in charge of the restaurant.

 Final Words

Many things take much of your time and can be done by someone else. You may opt to do onshore outsourcing or offshore outsourcing, depending on the type of business that you are carrying out. You can decide to outsource any day or anytime you want to.

This will depend on how fixed your business activities are. In business, outsourcing helps create effectiveness. It also enables the business to grow at a big rate.

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