Courier and delivery Services

Courier And Fulfilment Services

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Wakah Logistics- All in One Logistics Solutions Provider

Wakah Logistics is a service offering solutions for businesses, individuals and companies by making Logistics. As the famous quote by Napoleon states ” The line between disorder and order lies in Logistics”. We make streamline all business processes by offering our Bespoke Logistics Solutions.

Our Services include;


Warehousing means the process of storing physical inventory temporarily  before distribution or sale. This process is important for every business because it dictates all other factors including the market prices and contributes in your entire supply chain.

Our warehousing services are managed by top level experts and technology to give the best insights on your business.


We are currently working with small and medium scale brands looking to achieve their product distribution goals. Our distribution centers are strategic to achieve faster deliveries and reduce costs of operations.

Shipping & Last Mile Delivery

We have a seamless logistics network covering the entire Kenyan region. Our delivery team uses modern technology to ensure same day delivery within Nairobi and nearby towns and next day delivery for further regions

Courier and transportation services

At Wakah Logistics, we have a courier service that serves individuals and businesses countrywide. Our courier has these services;

All our departments work independently but under one umbrella of Wakah Logistics. All our services are customer oriented and we look to make Logistics a more attractive and engaging sector for future generations.

Our team is always motivated by good reviews from our clients and we look forward to working with you and your business for greater achievements.