Courier and delivery Services

Wakah Logistics

Wakah Logistics is a service business based in Nairobi. The business is best known for the Best courier, messenger and Order fulfillment Services.

What is a Courier Service?

A courier service is a service that allows you to send a parcel or consignment from one location to another. Courier services can be paid or booked online. They are known for speedy and efficient movement of packages.

Courier services are used by online businesses to move products from manufacturer to retailer to final users. Bulk orders are charges less thus is a convenient way of moving goods to final users at cheaper prices.

Types Of Courier Services

There are various types of courier services. The choice of the courier depends on the urgency, bulkiness and cost of shipping.

At Wakah Logistics, we have the following choices for you;

Same Day Courier

This is the best courier service for e-commerce merchants. The courier picks the orders and drops to the client or final user on the same day. It is a good choice for groceries, clothing and apparel, consumer electronics, mobile and accessory businesses, supplements and beauty products.

In Kenya and especially Nairobi, this is the most preferred service for many merchants.

To book a same day delivery courier Contact us 

Next Day Delivery

Under Next Day Delivery, all packages for next day delivery are dropped at a central collection point, or picked up by a collections team and sorted according to route and priority in readiness for the next day delivery. This method is obviously cheaper than the same day delivery.

To Book for collection for the next day delivery contact us

Overnight Courier

Goods moving from one county to another are shipped at night using the overnight courier. Delivery time from time of picking is around 24 hours. Our overnight courier is affordable and reliable.

On-Demand Courier

Often, there are packages that are required in a very short time span of time and cannot await the next schedule. These packages are most definitely a priority and an on-demand courier will assist to get them there in the shortest time possible.

Our courier service has standby riders to assist you.

Pharmaceutical courier

This courier is used for medical supplies and pharmaceutical packages. It often involves a lot of attention due to the sensitive nature of packages. There are drugs that require refrigeration and temperature control.

Our Pharmaceutical courier is equipped with necessary requirements. We understand that these packages are fragile and time sensitive and our team ensures they are handled as such.

Cash On Delivery Courier

E-commerce businesses that offer Cash On delivery services find it hard to trust just any other courier for such businesses. We have developed a cash on Delivery courier for such needs. Customers are required to pay for products upon delivery. Our team ensures that payments are received by the vendor.

When choosing a courier service for your business or personal needs, it is wise to consider all factors all together. Go for a courier service that guarantees reliability, transparency, order tracking, affordability etc.

Wakah Logistics is a good choice for your courier needs.