Courier And Delivery Services in Nairobi Kenya

Wakah Logistics has a dedicated courier service serving all logistics needs of our clients. We offer courier services in;


Do you have some documents that you would like delivered urgently? Our document delivery services are seamless and we ensure safety, privacy, timely and reliable document delivery services. Some documents are sensitive and others could mean a life to someone. We ensure proper handling of documents and packages.


Companies are always looking for dedicated rider services for their daily errands and delivery needs. Wakah logistics provides one of the best dedicated rider services.

  • Disciplined rider
  • Serviced motorbike with courier box
  • Insured services

Our rates for dedicated riders are very pocket friendly and billed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

On Demand Courier

We have standby riders awaiting your schedules. Our riders are responsive and ready to get things done. All you need to do is share your To-Do-List and we will handle the rest. Expected time of delivery for on demand services is immediately.

Delivery of Fragile and Time sensitive packages

Book our courier and delivery services for fragile and time sensitive packages. We have of experience in handling fragile packages.

Our courier service will ensure the goods are well packed and labelling before shipping. For fragile packages, we help you choose the most suitable courier services.

Cake Delivery

Our cake delivery services are tailored for all bakeries and pastry shops. Cake delivery requires precision and lots of care to get it safe to the receiver.

We have cold storage for cakes and other items that require refrigeration before shipping.

Book for a cake delivery at least 4 hours before time of delivery.

Flower and Gifts Delivery

We have lots of experience in delivering surprises, gifts and flowers. We know that these gifts and flowers mean a lot to some people. Our team could help you in shopping for these items. We understand the best packages for most occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, apologies.

Reach out to us in case you need help with the choice of gits for that moment.