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E-commerce Cash on Delivery Services in Kenya

Customers want to pay cash on delivery for goods ordered online. We facilitate cash on delivery for e-commerce vendors. Our riders and delivery persons ensure that payment is received by the seller.

E-commerce has grown immensely in the last decade. Thanks to the internet penetration. A customer can order for a product online and pay for it upon delivery. However, this comes with a set of its challenges. Previously a customer would like a product online and order, pay for it and the seller sends via public means or courier. As a result, scammers got a catch and spoilt the trust of the customers. Then came a solution for cash on delivery whereby the customer will pay for the product after viewing and being satisfied with the order.

Cash on delivery requires precision and very strict attention to details. At Wakah Logistics, we have gained experience in the process of our years of facilitating cash on delivery. We ensure we do it right by minimizing risks of fraud and ensuring open business transaction for both parties.

We work with big and small brands selling products online to ensure seamless cash on delivery transactions.

Our other services include the complete e-commerce order fulfillment processes, mini warehousing, storage, order management, call center, last mile delivery and return processing.

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