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The Best E-commerce Storage Services in Kenya

E-Commerce Storage(Warehousing)

E-commerce Storage refers to the storage of physical goods before they are sold Online. Warehousing involves safe storage, tracking the real location of the goods, when they arrived and the quantity at hand at any given time.

Wakah Logistics has a storage facility for e-commerce based at the heart of Nairobi central business district. Our storage center serves as a distribution center, order pick up and drop off point and warehouse for loner storage. E-commerce vendors trust us to keep their stocks and manage the same on their behalf.

Benefits of using E-commerce Storage centers

Reduced Overhead Costs

A 3rd Party Storage center ensures reduced costs of maintaining a warehouse of your own. With such an arrangement, you only pay for the space you need ie. if you sell cosmetics, you only need one square meter of storage or two shelves for all your stocks. It is much cheaper than renting a whole space of your own. The warehouse management will also take care of the security of your merchandise, stocks management and order management all at the same cost.

Strategic Location

Most 3rd party storage facilities are located at strategic business centers. This ensures timely of orders for shipping, easy access for pick up customers. This saves you valuable time and money fulfilling any orders at whatever time of the day. Wakah Logistics warehouses are all located at strategic business hubs to ease logistics.

When considering to set up a new online business, remember that outsourcing storage and warehouse management systems should be among your key considerations. A strategic collection center, distribution center will also help in fast dispatch and distribution.

You can reach us out for a quote on e-commerce storage.

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