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Best Storage and mini warehousing for e-commerce in Nairobi

Looking for a suitable storage space for your products in Nairobi CBD? We have a suitable storage space for you in Nairobi. Located at the heart of the city, we offer temporary and long term storage of goods and stocks before shipping to your clients.

Our storage is safe and secure and the premise has CCTV surveillance and manned doors. Your products are safe with us.

How much would you save if you reduced on some overhead costs for your business? Did you know that our storage center could act as your customers pick up point? We have an attendant who will go as far as making sales on your behalf. How about delivering and coordinating deliveries to your clients as you continue marketing and focusing on your brand?

Wakah Logistics is an all in one e-commerce solutions provider. We give merchants a complete solution to all their problems.

Our complete e-commerce order fulfillment has helped see growth in very many small and medium businesses.

Reach out to us for a free quote.

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Wakah Logistics is Kenya's Premier Courier, Order Fulfillment, E commerce Logistics and solutions provider. Based in Nairobi and offering solutions countrywide. Main Services include 1. E-commerce & Order Fulfillment 2.Errands and Messenger Services 3. Courier & Delivery Services Committed and dedicated to offering logistics solutions.