Errands & Concierge Services(Personal & Corporate Errands)

Does your business need frequent messengers?
Do you have petty errands at office, business, at home?
At Wakah Errands, we help you with small tasks as you focus on what is important, could be;
1. Wait on the line
2. Office messenger
3. Collect cheque and bank them
4. Bank errands, post office errands,
5. Send parcels and receive parcels
6.Distribute fliers
We can handle all your errands.
Our Personal Lifestyle/ errands Services
Food purchases / home deliveries
Sourcing of items
Pet walking and care
Party / event preparation
Dry-cleaning / pick up
Basic house maintenance / de-cluttering
Gift shop / wrapping
Waiting in for deliveries / tradesmen
Returning / exchanging unwanted items
Key cutting
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