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If your business deals with fragile items such as glassware, art pieces, and electronics among others, then chances are that you have had your fair share of damaged products while in transit. Such items are often associated with breakage especially when they are not packaged well.

Fragile items require care and the right packaging materials if they are to reach a specific destination in one piece. Below, we are going to take you through some specific details that you need to know on how to pack fragile items.


Breakage and damage are entirely avoidable when you invest in the right packaging materials depending on the product you are handling. The material will help to protect the areas that are usually subjected to damage. Below are some of the tips you can use to package your fragile items.

  1. Boxes

Choose the right box depending on the size of the item you want to package. A box that is bigger than the item will cause the product to shift around during transit which can be very damaging to it. Use a box that is slightly bigger than the item to allow you to fill the remaining space with dunnage to keep the item in place.

  • Cushioning material

While some products may not come with supportive packaging, you can use some cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, foam, air pillows, and packing peanuts among others to provide extra protection especially when the items are going to be transported to areas that are far away.

  • Wrap fragile items separately

Fragile items such as glassware, and wine bottles are among those that will require you to wrap them separately with proper cushioning material. Once you are done, place them in one box and fill up any extra space with more cushioning material to keep them in one place.

  • Seal the package tightly

Once you pack all your fragile items in the box, proceed to seal the package tightly with tape. The tape will ensure that the items don’t spill out at any moment while in transit.

  • Label the package as fragile

Attach a fragile sticker on the package to let those that are handling the shipping know that they need to handle it with extra care. It is safe to attach the label on all sides so that it can easily be spotted from all angles.

Additionally, add a label showing that the package should be kept upright or a do not bend label. This will ensure that the packages are placed in the right position throughout until they reach their destination.

If your business deals with fragile items, you may find it difficult to send the products to your customers without damage. While you can invest in packaging materials, you can also opt for a courier company that can provide express delivery as well as package handling services for fragile items.

Furthermore, you can test your packaging strategy by doing the following

  1. Drop test

Package your item well the same way you would if it was going to be shipped. Then, drop it around and handle it without care as it would while in transit. You can also add a few heavy packages on top of the fragile ones. When you are done, open it and see if the items sustained any damage.

  1. Ship a few items to people you know

Once they receive the packages, ask them to take a few pictures of the contents and see if they got any damages while in transit.

Although you may incur costs in the process, it’s safer than incurring more costs on returns and replacements. Package testing is important for your customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, follow all the special requirements to ensure that all those fragile products remain safe.

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