Errands & Delivery Services In Nairobi

Services for individuals (Personal Errands Services)

We offer tailored solutions for all your errands needs;

Some of our best services include;

  • Post office errands- collection and sending mails and packages
  • Bank cheques- Collect and deposit cheques
  • Pick and drop parcels and packages from point A to B
  • Making booking and reservations for hotels, buses, trains
  • Take documents for signing and stamping
  • Prescription purchase and delivery
  • Wait on the line services
  • Nairobi city Council( city hall errands)
  • NHIF & NSSF errands
  • NTSA errands
  • Nyamakima shopping and delivery
  • Kamukunji and Gikomba shopping and delivery
  • Marikiti Grocery shopping and delivery
  • Documents collection and delivery

All our services are well tailored to meet your needs. Our experience and dedication in providing solutions has earned us so much trust from our clients. Over the years, we have helped people save big messes.

We have invested in a big team of trained errands boys and girls to help us with the daily running of activities. Our riders are professionals, trustworthy and obedient meaning you don’t need to worry after giving your tasks to us.

Our affordable rates will keep you coming back for more of our services.

We understand how time is valuable and thus we ensure to save the most we can for you.

Reach us today for a free quote.

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Wakah Logistics is Kenya's Premier Courier, Order Fulfillment, E commerce Logistics and solutions provider. Based in Nairobi and offering solutions countrywide. Main Services include 1. E-commerce & Order Fulfillment 2.Errands and Messenger Services 3. Courier & Delivery Services Committed and dedicated to offering logistics solutions.