Corporate Services

We have a wide range of services for corporates including provision of unmatched corporate errands services. 75% of successful companies outsource their main services to maximize output and minimize on costs.

Here is a list of services we offer for corporates;

 Unlimited courier services

 Dedicated rider on standby

 Office cleaning

 Office moving

 Statutory payments errands

 Lunch delivery

 Office shopping for supplies

 Office supplies collection

 Distribution of mails

 Card purchasing and distribution

 Bookstore errands

 Courier documents

 Computer and prints supplies shopping

 Bank and post office errands

 Car service and pickup

 Coordinating meeting set up

 Assisting relocating staff

 Travel reservations

 Copy center errands

 Organizing office space errands

 Party planning

 Referral of service providers

 Research best vendors

 Car inspection errands

 Paper filing setup system

 Take small items for repair

 Corporate shopping

Our services are meant to save you time and money while boosting employee motivation for higher success.

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