Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

What is Warehousing

Warehousing is the process of storing goods until they are ready for shipping to the distributors, wholesalers, retailers and to the final user.

Reasons for warehousing

There are many reasons why businesses warehouse their goods including;


Mass produce and surplus products are stored in the warehouse awaiting distribution to the market as and when required.

Price Stabilization

Businesses store goods in warehouses awaiting market prices to stabilize. This could be long term or short term. It is due to shortage of products in the market that creates demand and the prices stabilize. Warehousing prevents unusual ups and downs in price.

Manage Risks

Goods are subject to high risks after production including theft, fires, climate changes, transit etc. The owner of the goods is in agreement with the warehouse management to insure goods in storage. This helps to mitigate risks and losses of goods.

Wakah Logistics warehouses are insured against theft, fire, and climate changes that would affect the goods.

Prepare Goods For sale

The warehouse is equipped to package, label and prepare goods for sale. It has all the necessary infrastructure to do so.


The warehouse has the necessary Logistics means and ability to transport the goods to the next user.

Warehouses are essential for the uninterrupted functioning of the supply chain in an economy and to eliminate inconvenience like price disturbances, lack of essential commodities in the markets.



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