Motorbike Delivery

What is the Most common means of delivery in Kenya?

Motorbike Delivery and Courier Services are the most common and readily available means of moving small packages from one point to another. In Nairobi city, there are hundred of packages moving every minute via motorbikes. Due to traffic congestions around major roads in the city, car delivery is basically very cost, and not time efficient.

Motorbikes can cruise the city streets and roads without being caught in traffic. Thus it becomes the most preferred means of moving smaller and urgent goods

Our riders are trained on parcel handling and interpersonal skills that match the tasks given.

What are some services under Motorbike Delivery?

Our motorbike courier service offers a wide range of services including;

  • Grocery Shopping and delivery
  • Pick and drop services
  • Parcel delivery
  • Laundry pick and Drop
  • Express courier services
  • Document Delivery and Legal courier
  • Messenger services etc
  • Ecommerce delivery
  • Last mile delivery
  • Door to Door delivery

With the use of motorbikes for delivery, we are able to significantly cut on last mile delivery costs by routing our riders. We Plan delivery routes and by using modern technology, all packages arrive at their destinations on time and with ease.

A well organized motorbike delivery Service will help your business boost overall satisfaction while cutting costs at the same time. For E-commerce merchants offering Pay On Delivery Services, this is a must have.

At Wakah Logistics, we offer the best services in Pay On Delivery, last mile door to door delivery, E-commerce solutions, warehousing and Distribution in Supply Chain.



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