Express Messenger Services

What are Messenger Services and How do they Work?

A Messenger Service simply means a service, mainly courier service entitled to pick and deliver documents or packages on demand basis or on scheduled time frames from one point to another. This is a service trusted by the organization or business to coordinate transfer of documents, files or packages on their behalf.

How does a messenger service work?

There are various reasons why messenger services are used by professionals, corporates and business.

Fast Response

  • Could be you need the mail or documents at some destination in the shortest time possible. A messenger will be available on demand to pick and deliver the requirements in a short time.
  • At Wakah Errands, we have standby riders and foot soldiers to coordinate any tasks as they come in. You can schedule collection time and get immediate action.
  • Saves Time
  • Busy people like you would rather send a reliable messenger to deliver the documents and files confidentially on your behalf. Save time and money and do more important tasks while the messengers do what they do best.
  • Efficiency
  • Our messengers know back roads and streets to avoid traffic and congestion. Again, being a home name in court streets and government offices, expect a lot off your back as we typically know every step of the way.

By engaging our messenger services, you will have made a wise decision. Save loads of money and time by getting tasks completed fast and efficiently.

We are reliable, affordable and professionals in everything we do.

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Flower & Gifts Delivery

Same Day Flower Delivery in Nairobi

Flowers and Gifts are a special way of expressing your feelings to your loved ones, friends and family on a special occasion. There are a variety of flowers and gifts combinations that correspond to different occasions. Special moments such as  Birthdays, anniversaries, apologies and graduations are remembered by flowers and gifts.

A flower delivery service  such as Wakah Errands comes in handy in making the moments memorable. We assist in shopping and delivering the flowers and gifts in a special way.

We are connected to the best sellers in Kenya, and we help choose the best and most appropriate package for the specific moment. Busy Individuals rely on our services to send surprise gifts, flowers and other commodities to their special ones.

We are professionals in handling such tasks and you can expect only awesome impressions from our customer tailored services. We are not limited to size or capacity. We use the most suitable means of logistics required to deliver the smile to your doorstep, whether you want to gift them furniture, a fridge or a whole house shopping, trust that we will do it.

Our other services include;

  • Personal errands
  • Post office errands
  • Courier and delivery
  • E-commerce Solutions etc.

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