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How to Pay Land Rates in Nairobi with ease

How to pay land rates in Kenya

Land rates are payable to any piece of land in Kenya. The land rates are paid to county governments for the respective regions in the country. These rates are payable only once in a year.

The rates charged on any land are dependent on the location of the land and the estimated value of the land. Prime lands attract higher levies same to the land near major infrastructure, in capital cities, land covered by electricity, properly designed sewage and water systems as well as street lights.

After you have paid the land rates, a certificate of clearance is issued which is a document that verifies that you have successfully paid your land rates. Failure to pay the land rates on time before the designated deadlines attracts penalties per every month of delayed remittance after the deadline. The penalties are calculated in percentages of the land rates. The council is legally mandated to take legal action for any land which defaults such payments and might sell the said property in case the courts of law declare so.

There are different ways to pay for your land rates. You are required to login to e-citizen, an online platform with all government services and generate an invoice for your parcel of land. Afterwards, pay the invoice amounts either by M-pesa mobile money transfer, through bank transfers or cash at the county cash office.

In this article we will highlight the different methods you can use to pay for your land rates.

1.      Pay land rates using the Online E-citizen platform

The Kenyan government made it easy for citizens to access essential government services online by introduction of the e-citizen platform. Using this platform, you can easily do very important tasks like paying your land rates online. This is the procedure;

·        Login to the e-citizen portal from your computer or mobile. If you don’t have an account yet, you have to sign up or create new account.

·        Click to the ministry of lands

·        You will be asked to enter your valid land/ plot title number

·        Fill all the required details on the online form

·        Confirm that the details filled are all correct

·        Generate invoice and proceed with payments

·        The system will direct you to print the payment results

2.      Pay land rates via M-pesa

In this method of paying land rates, you will

·        Send SMS with a word ‘land’ to 21504 for registration.

·        After the registration, you will receive a confirmation message confirming your registration to the service.

·        Dial *512# to access the services

·        Follow the prompts until you make your payments

3.      Pay Land rates via Bank

you need a valid bank account in your original names where you will transfer the invoice amounts to the county government account.

You can also deposit directly to the county government accounts. The bank slip issued is a confirmation of payment and is the document used to verify your payment.

All the methods are as effective as the other and it has saved people lots of time and reduced long lines that were witnessed at the county offices.

To get a certificate of clearance, you will need to visit the county offices with a proof of payment whereby after verification, you are issued with a clearance certificate. This document should be kept safe and produced anytime on demand by the county officers to verify that you have paid. Remember late payments attract heavy penalties and defaulting land payments could get you losing your land.

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