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The Best Last Mile Delivery For E-commerce in Kenya

Last Mile Delivery In Kenya

Last Mile Delivery often refers to the transportation of merchandise to the final destination, this could be a home or business. This term is common in E-commerce whereby products and orders are dropped at the final intended destination , mostly the customers doorstep.

In e-commerce, this is the final stage of the fulfillment process where the customer receives their order, inspects and confirms the order before making payment( in the case of Cash on Delivery (C.O.D )

Working with a good fulfillment company, such as Wakah Fulfillment not only assures customer satisfaction but also guarantees a seamless process of order management.

Consumers have moved massively to ecommerce stores for all their shopping needs. This comes at a time after the pandemic when more people started to work from home. It is obviously the most expensive phase of the fulfillment process. Customer distribution on the last mile is not given and thus very unpredictable.

We at Wakah Logistics have invested a big deal in solving the challenges associated with last mile delivery to ensure we achieve an outstanding Same day delivery service across Nairobi and next day delivery up to 24 hours to other regions outside Nairobi.

The last mile delivery in e-commerce guarantees safer orders and transactions between the buyer and the seller. Satisfaction is guaranteed to both parties.

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