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The Best Parcels Service to Nakuru-Best Courier services

Looking to send a mail, bag, sack, parcel to Nakuru, Naivasha or to any destination in Kenya? We will help you to send the parcel via the cheapest courier available.

We send parcels via 2NK, Mololine, G4S , Wells Fargo and other available parcels services.

Parcels to Nakuru arrive on the same day. You don’t need to be worried as we will pick and drop your parcel at the most affordable rates.

Our errands and delivery services are seamless and always available on demand.

Call us today for the best services.

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Wakah Logistics is Kenya's Premier Courier, Order Fulfillment, E commerce Logistics and solutions provider. Based in Nairobi and offering solutions countrywide. Main Services include 1. E-commerce & Order Fulfillment 2.Errands and Messenger Services 3. Courier & Delivery Services Committed and dedicated to offering logistics solutions.