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The Best Fish Fingers in Nairobi-Greenview Restaurant-How To Order

Order Fish Fingers from green view restaurant Nairobi

Greenview restaurant is Best known for its finger-licking recipes for fish finger, chicken fingers and fries. Tens of people flock the restaurant during lunch hours to enjoy the tasty meals everyday. The cravings for their recipes is so real. It is said that once you taste their meals, there’s no turning back. You will always want more.

Due to the restaurant’s location on a busy Tubman street, parking is a big challenge especially for those who work away from the CBD. There is no chance you will get a parking spot at lunch hours on a weekday. However, that doesn’t mean that you are left out. At Wakah Logistics, we have established ways of solving your cravings problems.

How To Order

It is easy to order for your meals via Wakah Logistics

  • SMS/ WhatsApp your order to 0769863108
  • Our rider will get to Green view within a few minutes
  • You will receive a message with amount to pay and Till number
  • Forward Payment message to the Rider
  • Your order will be processed and delivered immediately it is ready

Delivery charges within CBD are at ksh.150 Only and respective courier charges will apply to other areas outside CBD.

As we are well known for fast, reliable and safe deliveries, expect your orders in the shortest time possible.

Courier charges are charged on delivery of your order. Wakah Logistics is also a provider of Errands services, messenger services, Courier & Logistics services etc. Check out our other services on

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