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Retail Delivery Services

Wakah Logistics is an all in one Logistics solutions Provider Operating in Nairobi and surrounding towns. We offer seamless Logistics Solutions for businesses and individuals. Our services are all tailored for specific customer needs. You can bet on us for Reliable, Affordable and Seamless Logistics.

Small businesses contribute to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community.

Small businesses also contribute about 50% of the employment in the country. Innovation and adoption of technology has contributed to rapid growth in the last few years.

We work hand in hand with small businesses by providing real time logistical solutions for businesses.

Especially for e-commerce merchants, our reliable order fulfillment solutions have not only helped more people build side hustles, it has increased sales and profits to growing businesses.

Our aim is to grow with more small scale traders to create more revenue, opportunities, employment and sustainable businesses for the future generations.

You can as well grow your brand with Wakah Logistics to reach potential markets outside your region.

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