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Cash On Delivery

Partner with us today to grow your ecommerce business. No account opening fees, No minimum orders No maximum orders

You’re running a successful E-Commerce business and are looking to expand beyond your domestic market.

Business is good, but the market is saturated and you believe your business will do well elsewhere.
Online Commerce enables potential customers to locate your business and to buy your goods, but do you have a plan on how to get these goods delivered to their doorstep?
Delivering goods across the country is never easy. It involves many costs in the process, many regulations and tariffs. There are also challenges on the road to shipping the products to the final consumer.
How do you go about choosing the right couriers and how do you know you are not paying too much? Wakah errands makes shipping easy and provides you with that insight and expertise.
Get in touch with us today to learn on how you could improve your shipping experience as you increase your sales and make Profits.

We have a cash On delivery courier operating countrywide. Customers pay for the goods upon delivery at their doorstep. Our courier is keen to ensure reliable and friendly customer handling with professionalism at every step of the process.

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