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Errands & Delivery Services In Nairobi Wakah Logistics Services

Jumia Order Drop Off Services-The most Reliable Errands In Nairobi

Jumia Kenya is one of the leading marketplaces in Kenya. The platform offers space for vendors to sell their products and customers shop from the platform. The platform is known for variety, affordable prices and safe delivery of products.

Vendors are required to post their products on the platform and Jumia fulfillment takes up the task to market and process all orders that come in. There are tens of people flocking the order drop off points processing new orders for shipping.

The process of dropping new orders is sometimes hectic and you will have to wait for a couple of minutes on the line to have your orders confirmed and shipped to the buyers. The process involves buying packaging materials and matching every order to its respective manifest. Many business people don’t have as much time to wait for the process especially when you have plenty of orders to fulfill in a day. An Errands service such as Wakah Errands can be of so much help in this case.

Wakah Errands is an errand service operating in Nairobi and is leading in provision of business errands, personal errands services, delivery and courier services.

We pick up the orders from your store and process them on your behalf as you do the main duties at your workplace. We also do product outsourcing, market research, delivery to the last mile, cash on delivery services throughout the region. Enjoy these services at very affordable rates. We are always ready to assist you with every errand you got.

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