Errands & Delivery Services In Nairobi

The Best E-commerce logistics services in Kenya

Wakah Logistics is a business focused on offering long-term logistics solutions to everyday challenges facing modern day businesses.
We work with e-commerce traders, online merchants to help facilitate last mile delivery with cash on delivery option. Customers pay upon delivery and verification of the order.
Logistics is one of the most important factors in e-commerce. A good delivery experience will lead to customers coming back to your platform for more.

We have proven to be the masters of this kind of business model and our clients are happy.
Our services include;
1. Same day delivery in Nairobi
2. Next day delivery outside Nairobi
3. Last mile delivery countrywide
4 Reverse logistics
5. Mini warehousing and storage
7. Call management and order scheduling

We guarantee quality services every day. We are never limited by the order volumes as we have capacity for large orders.
Reach out to us for a quotation.

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Wakah Logistics is Kenya's Premier Courier, Order Fulfillment, E commerce Logistics and solutions provider. Based in Nairobi and offering solutions countrywide. Main Services include 1. E-commerce & Order Fulfillment 2.Errands and Messenger Services 3. Courier & Delivery Services Committed and dedicated to offering logistics solutions.