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What is a Fulfillment Center & Why Is it Important?

Fulfillment Center

A fulfillment center is a facility established to enable E-commerce merchants to outsource warehousing and shipping services. This service relieves the e-commerce merchant of overhead costs of storage and inventory management as well as connects them to shipping services at lower costs. The merchants send inventories from their supplier to the warehouse (Fulfillment center) where the stocks are counted, verified and processed to the final users. With a good fulfillment center, the merchant has more time to focus on growing the online business while the fulfillment center carries on with the order processing.

Wakah Fulfillment centers have improved how e-commerce is practiced in Kenya. We have grown with small scale traders to increase sales conversions and reduce costs by processing orders on time and at cheaper rates.

Why is a fulfillment Center important?

Any start-up or growing e-commerce business needs a good fulfillment center to grow. Starting a business and growing into a profitable venture is not a simple task and requires an affordable, faithful, goal oriented partner to assist with order management and shipping.

We have discussed a few reasons why you need to work with a reliable fulfillment center to boost your sales below;

Cutting on Overhead Costs

A fulfillment center is good for growing businesses. When starting a business, you can never project the exact outcomes of your new venture, you can only hope that i works out your way. However, before engaging in long term rental agreements for warehousing and order fulfillment, a fulfillment center will help you mange the costs as you plan on how to grow your online brand. Fulfillment centers act as holding facilities for your stocks before being shipped to the final users. Warehousing is charged per cubic meter and thus you will only pay for the space utilized.

At Wakah Logistics and Fulfillment Center, we charge normal storage at 1100/ Cubic meter per month for Storage in any of our warehouses in Kenya.

Safe Storage

Many warehouses are established after serious assessments of risks likely to be encountered in future. Our warehouses are insured against fire, floods, theft and other calamities. Storing your goods in a fulfillment center gives you a piece of mind knowing your merchandise is safe and well taken care of.

Inventory Management

Fulfillment centers will take good care of your inventory. With modern technology and inventory management systems, you are able to keep track of your stock levels at all times. The fulfillment center will send frequent reports on faster selling products, slow selling products and inventory that needs to be restocked. Our warehouse team is on toes to send these updates for prompt decision making.

Call Center

Our fulfillment center has a call center and dedicated account manager for all merchants. The account manger works hand in hand with the merchant giving insights and updates on the work progress. With a call center, you are free from the hectic tasks of confirming orders, delivery locations and schedules. The call center team coordinates all the processes.

Returns/ Exchange Processing

A fulfillment center will enhance faster returns processing and exchanges due to its proximity to the end users. Normally fulfillment centers are set up in strategic locations closer to the customers. There are regions with high order volumes and that’s where we have set our centers. Our centers serve the whole country giving guaranteed timely deliveries in all regions.

We promise our clients Same Day deliveries in Nairobi and Next Day Delivery outside Nairobi. In short, all orders are processed within 24 hours in Kenya.

Wakah Logistics has provided solutions to hundred of Merchants worldwide with our fulfillment services. We continue growing our customer base everyday and we are glad that you will join our growing list of happy clients.

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