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Get to run your personal errands from anywhere with the best errand company in Nairobi. With wakah personal errands and concierge services get to do that and more. Below, you will get to understand which personal and domestic tasks we can run for you.

Wakah personal errands and concierge services

We are living in an era where time is everything and you need to make the most out of it. With that said, running petty errand tends to consume a lot of your time that would rather be spent doing something more constructive. Finding a good personal concierge assistant can save you lots of time and you will get everything done in the right stretch.
Wakah personal errands and concierge services will offer you the best assistance when it comes to running your personal errands. We offer several services including home delivery, grocery shopping, flowers and gifts delivery, laundry delivery, food delivery among other services. We are dedicated to making your life simpler because we believe time is money but no amount of money can buy time. Let’s take a look at some of these services in detail.

Personal shopping assistant

Do you know how much time you spend running to the market for your grocery shopping? It’s a lot of time. By now I believe you already understand your tastes and preferences when it comes to grocery shopping. At Wakah errands we try to understand our clients’ tastes and daily choices of grocery needs. We work to achieve your happiness by buying according to your shopping list and each product specifications. For example, some of our clients like buying milk from certain companies. It is our job to look for exactly what they want no matter the hustle we have to go though. Customer is key to us and our job is to make their life much easier. When your grocery shopping list is inscribed in our TO_DO_LIST, just consider it done.

Home delivery services

Online shoppers have risen in big percentages in the recent days. The number of people looking to buy products from online stores is increasing every day. All you got to do is search from the internet for your favorite clothes, shoes, computer, bikes, watches and anything else you might be looking for. There are online payment platforms that enable you pay for goods cashless like the Lipa Na Mpesa from Safaricom for Kenyan businesses and PayPal among many other cashless forms of payment. Once you make the purchase, all we do is to collect the package for you from the physical store and confirm if it’s what you really ordered and deliver it to you home immediately. How much time do you think that will save you/ a lot , that’s why you need Wakah personal errands assistant services to help with your online shopping needs.

Gift and flower delivery services

It is very easy to forget that its your best friend’s birthday tomorrow. You really want to keep in touch with them and show them that you care about them but you have work to do and meetings to attend. This doesn’t mean that you just can’t show your presence at the anniversary. We help with purchasing gifts, candy and flowers, addressing and making a short message and finally delivering them at their doorstep for you. You can call later to explain how sorry you are for not being there personally when the gift was delivered on time. Believe me we know what to do in such instances. We also do surprise gifts delivery thanks to our dedicated team who know what to do at what time.

Laundry delivery

Taking clothes and linen for laundry can be a hectic task for many busy personnel. At times you might be extremely busy and not have time to drop off and collect laundry at your favorite laundry store. We help busy people with such tasks which might seem easy but can be very hectic at times. With Wakah errands you can be sure your laundry needs are well taken care of at all times. However bulky the laundry is , we can handle it.

Food delivery

Are you the kind who has crazy cravings for cheese burger? Well, when you got that craving and you are busy completing assignments at home, we help buy and deliver that which you want at your doorstep in minutes. Our source of joy is seeing happy clients every day answering the doorbell with a smile having that facial expression of “ oooh, that was fast….thank you”.
Food delivery among many other tasks, we help people by making their life easier every day. Choose wakah errands and concierge services to get you personal assistant for errands and concierge services.
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