What is the best Delivery service for fragile and time sensitive packages

What is the best delivery service to use for fragile, delicate and time sensitive packages?

Transportation of fragile, delicate and time sensitive packages is very important for any business or individual. These packages require utmost care and they have to reach their final destination on time and in perfect condition. The best way to achieve this is by selecting to work with the best domestic courier service.
Your needs and preferences will determine the courier service that you go for. Of course you will have to consider your budget first, how fragile or delicate your package is and when you need it to reach its destination. Do you want it to reach the same day or the next? Let’s take a look at how best you can send your fragile packages.

Things to consider when selecting a local courier service for fragile, delicate and time sensitive packages.
Like I mentioned before, there are a few things that you must keep in mind if you want your packages delivered in good condition. Let’s take a look at them in detail.
So the budget comes as a major factor that you must keep in mind. Your budget is how much you are willing to spend to have your package delivered. Fragile goods or packages require the best care while in transit. To achieve that, you must be able to hire a good delivery service. Although some of them seem to be capable of handling fragile packages, you may find that the pick and drop service rates are high.
You need to set your budget first and then consider going for an affordable and fast delivery company that will have your packages delivered in good condition. Remember high delivery rates don’t necessarily mean great service. Therefore, it’s important to weigh your options well.

Delivery services
There are lots of local delivery services in Nairobi, Kenya. Some come with years of experience while others are just starting out. While experience is great especially for fragile packages, those starting out tend to have better service to satisfy the customer and in the process gain more clients. It’s tricky choosing between delivery companies that have been around for years and those that have not. On one hand you have a company that has lots of clients due to its long existence in the business and on the other one that is building its way up and doesn’t have room for disappointing its clients. Select a delivery service company that will not disappoint you in the long run.

Day of delivery
Here what you need to think about is how soon you want your package to reach its destination. Since we are talking about fragile and time sensitive packages, you will have to consider local same day delivery services. Fragile delicate packages don’t need to take days to be delivered because they may end up getting damaged. A courier service that can deliver the same day or the next will be a great choice.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do before sending a fragile package?
Before you send your fragile package, there are a few things you can do to ensure that it is safe and not tampered with until it reaches its final destination. You will have to pack is well because if the packaging is wrong, no matter how careful the courier is, it will still get damaged. Also, you will have to seal it well and label it properly.
How much will it cost to send a fragile or time sensitive package?
The cost will vary from one courier Service Company to another. The cost will also be determined by how big your package will be. Some companies will also increase the cost if you want the package delivered quickly like on the same day.

What can I do to have my package handled with care?
Well, aside from informing your delivery company that the package is fragile, you can also write “fragile” on top of the box near the labeling. This way anyone handling your package will be extra careful with it.
Final words
As I wrap up, you have to remember that fragile packages will cost you a little more than what you will spend on other packages. This is because fragile, delicate and time sensitive packages come with a lot of demands that you will not be the same other kinds of packages. Choosing the best delivery service will solely depend on you and your preferences.

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