What is the best food delivery services in Nairobi

What is the best food delivery service in Nairobi?

We all love some good and tasty food every now and then. While you can just make a meal at home, you may not have the best cooking experience or the right ingredients to make that tasty meal you crave for. So, how can you solve that? Well, instead of going through the hassle and burning up food in your kitchen, you can settle for ordering food online.
You don’t need just any delivery service; you will need the best food delivery service in Nairobi. Food delivery is one thing that most Kenyans are now indulging in. A number of home delivery companies are working tirelessly to deliver food to their customers. But the question is, are they all capable and worth a try? That’s why you’re here right? And I will help you find the answers to your questions.
The best way to know if a food delivery service in Kenya is the best, then you should consider a few things before you dial their number or choose the pay now option. Let’s look at the major considerations.

Your location

Your location is very important. To find the best food delivery service in Kenya, you will have to go for those that are nearer to where you are. Imagine ordering food which will take ages to get to the part of Nairobi you are in. Also, the food delivery service must be in position to get to your door step regardless of how complicated your residential area is.
Some delivery services in Nairobi may not be able to delivery to those in low class areas while others will deliver regardless of where you may be. Your location shouldn’t matter but rather a food delivery company that will get you the food you want on time and in perfect condition would be the best you should go for.
How you pay
In Nairobi, most food delivery services will accept cash on delivery or payments via Mpesa. However, with increasing food delivery services in Nairobi, you will have to be careful only choose delivery services that will accept the option of pay on delivery. That way you will know the condition of the food and you will be sure that you are paying for what you wanted.
Aside from paying for the food, you should also know how much it will cost you to have the food delivered. All food delivery companies in Nairobi have different charge rates. Consider one that isn’t expensive. It should also accept pay on delivery and not before that.
Time of arrival
When ordering online, you not only check with the restaurant on how long it will take to have your order ready, but also the food delivery service company. One that can have your food delivered in the fastest time possible would be the best. It should also be able to deliver the food while it’s still hot. You should also consider ordering the food earlier than the time you want to have it. For example, if you want it for lunch at the office, order it an hour earlier before lunch time so that it reaches on time.
The packaging
The packaging shouldn’t be the work for the restaurant alone, but also the delivery company. Food delivery service providers should be able to add extra packaging to the food so that it doesn’t reach the consumer in bad shape. Consider a food delivery service that has ways of packing the food so that it gets to you hot and in the same way it is served from the restaurant.
Advantages of ordering food online
Online food ordering comes with many advantages and I will go through some of them.
Ordering food online makes the whole process easy other than the traditional way of going all the way to the restaurant to get take out.
Helps to improve the customer, delivery service and restaurant relationship.
You can get to order anytime anywhere.
Lets you try different kinds of food from different restaurants.
You don’t need to move from where you are to get the food.

There are several food delivery services in Nairobi today. To select the best, it must be able to meet the factors that I have gone through above. That way it will be able to offer you great service in the long run.

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