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Meta description: are you looking for a home delivery service in Nairobi? Below, I will guide you through the major factors that you need to consider to choose the right one for your needs.

Home delivery services in Nairobi

While there are plenty of home delivery services in Nairobi, not all are capable of providing the best services. You may find that the delivery service of your choice may not impress another person. As you give your packages or parcels for delivery, you need to ensure that your money will be well spent and the package or parcel is delivered in perfect condition.

Delivering packages is a big responsibility which can’t be taken lightly. You will need a good delivery service that will not only deliver, but also handle your packages with extreme care. When choosing a home delivery service, there are a few things that you must keep in mind to help you select the right one.

Things to consider when choosing a home delivery service


Cost is the major factor that you should look out for before you call up any delivery service. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot on a delivery service that will offer you poor quality services, now would you? Some delivery services in Nairobi tend to be too pricey because they have been around for long while others are not costly and their services are not so good. When choosing a delivery service, you need to consider one that is affordable with great cost to service ratios.

Package handling

Ever received a package that came damaged? Well, that is all too common due to the handling of the package. Some delivery services don’t handle the packages properly when they receive them and during transit. This in the end damages the package. You need to consider a delivery service that will guarantee safety of your packages from the when they are dropped off all the way to their final destination.

Once your package is out of your control, you need to ensure that the delivery service you have entrusted with it is trustworthy. It should be treated with respect and with value.

Time of delivery

Once you send your package, you will only want it to be delivered as quickly as possible. The delivery service you go for must be consistent in delivering your packages. In Nairobi, there are plenty of local same day delivery services. However, you need to consider one that will care and one that is efficient in making sure that your package gets to its destination quickly depending on the distance.

Customer care

The best home delivery service in Nairobi must be loyal to its customers. It shouldn’t only be capable of delivering the packages, but also be able to offer help to customers when they need it. Customer care in delivery services is very essential. You will be able to get updates on your packages and also get help on other issues. Your happiness must be the top priority for the delivery service that you choose. It must be able to answer your questions anytime plus it should be flexible and friendly.

Area coverage

The delivery service you go for must be able to cover your area. Some delivery services in Nairobi will only cover the CBD while others can cover Nairobi and other surrounding areas. Before you settle for their services, ask if they can reach your location on time.


When delivery services promise to deliver your packages, they usually are putting their reputation on the line. It is very important to go for a delivery service that will not disappoint you in the long run. It should be reliable to deliver regardless of the circumstances. The best way to know if the delivery service is reliable is by reading reviews from different customers. Positive reviews will mean that you can rely on it to always deliver.


Some home delivery services specialize on delivering specific packages like mails and also parcels only. Others on the other hand can deliver just about anything including small and large items. When selecting a delivery service, go for one that will be able to deliver the items that you need. In most cases if you are always sending different packages, go for one that handles various packages.

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