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The Differences between Personal and Corporate Errands

With the busy lifestyle of most individuals today, society is directed towards money finding activities. People are becoming busy with up to three jobs to sustain themselves, especially due to these hard economic times. That’s why most individuals tend to require the services of errand runners.

It could be for these simplified day-to-day lifestyle tasks like delivering prescriptions or up to complex tasks like offering administrative errands like filing, among other tasks. Busy individuals hardly have time to do simple tasks, and that’s why they do hire errand runners. At least this way, they can even find time for themselves and their families.

What Do Run Errands Mean?

Run errands can mean performing day to day tasks for some else. Maybe the individual is very busy with other things, that’s why they prefer to look for someone else to help them carry out the task. It can also mean a short-run one can take in fulfilling some small business tasks.

For instance, if someone asks you to go to the bank and make some payments on their behalf on a paid agreement, which is easily accessible on Running errands can be done all at once, making a bunch of errands at the same time.

In short, run errands can be defined as providing paid services for busy individuals. Usually, running errands require you to work with different kinds of people, but you may need to specify the group of individuals you will work with them when the need arises. You will be running errands for the elderly, busy families, working mothers, and entrepreneurs.

 Errand services to be carried out can include a range of activities like banking and making bill payments, shopping for groceries, dropping and picking correspondences, or various items. In short, it is just like an assistant task done either on part-time or full time, depending on your given schedule.

What Are the Types of Errands?

Errands are majorly divided into two broad categories, depending on individual needs and wants. And these are personal and corporate errands.

  1. Personal Errands

Personal errands involve running social errands on an individual. Usually, personal or family errands involve taking short but quick trips to finish a specified task such as buying something, delivering a parcel, or giving a message to someone. Below are some of the types of personal errands in details;

  1. Prescription Pick-up

Usually, these involve taking prescription from the client, such as a working mother or an elderly person, and picking up the medications on their behalf. After which, you will deliver the prescribed medication back to the individual who gave you the errand.

  • Dry cleaning drops off and pick-ups

Just like the prescription pick-ups, the dry cleaning drops off, and pick-ups involve the same process. But the client here has the power to determine which dry cleaner his/her clothes will be taken into. The errand runner then goes to pick up the clothes, take them to the desired dry cleaner, and later drops them off back to the owner.

  • Grocery shopping

This involves getting a list of grocery orders from clients and the money to purchase the groceries and going to shop on their behalf. Grocery shopping requires honesty and trust because you are going to deal with someone’s money. And after shopping, you will be required to deliver the groceries back to the client.

  • Corporate Errands

This usually involves running business errands for entrepreneurs and senior working people. The clients here are too busy to handle some of the day-to-day office work, so they look for errand services. Here are a few types of corporate errands;

  • Mailing and shipping items

This errand involves dropping mailboxes to the post office for busy entrepreneurs. You can also be asked to help with shipping work or packages on behalf of a client, depending on the level of services you are offering.

  • Banking

This usually requires confidentiality and respecting the client’s privacy. So you will be required always to keep your client’s information and details very safe and private. It involves running banking activities such as paying bills and depositing cheques at the bank.

What is the difference between personal and corporate errands?

Personal Errands

These are the errands within a social environment and away from an office setting. Personal errands can include being able to deliver medications for an elderly client or picking and delivering groceries. It doesn’t involve a lot of paper works in most cases. And for you to carry out these personal errands, you need to be excellent when it comes to the tasks given. Trustworthy, honesty, and diligence are the key determining factors of personal errands.

In other words, a personal errand involves providing lifestyle management solutions to various individuals. These are the solution-providers with trust credibility, and they know how to get things done efficiently, smoothly, and quickly with stunning results. Most individuals always need things to be done, but they lack time due to their busy schedules and timelines. And that’s where personal errands come in. All you will need to do is look for someone who can deliver your tasks, pay them, and let them run your errands on your behalf.

Personal errands will always enable one to create time that would have otherwise not be available. This way, an individual can easily perform other important duties and issues in their lives. This can include being able to spend more time with loved ones or getting tasks done in the nick of time. Personal errands, in most cases, do reduce the rate of depression due to overworking.

Below are some of the advantages of personal errands and these include the following;

  • You will be able to create more time for yourself. The time that you would have spent queuing or in traffic will otherwise be saved. This way, you will always do positive things like resting and visiting friends and family.
  • Personal errands can improve your social life greatly, especially if you are a very busy person. When your tasks are catered for, the time you would spend dealing with the issues can be used to socialize. Meeting up friends and parents or relatives that you haven’t met in ages.
  • This sounds cliché, but personal errands will improve your overall well-being. You will be dealing with less stress due to overworking, and using the time you will be health-conscious will keep away mental depression.

Corporate Errands

These are the errands within an office or corporate environment. For instance, if an office is understaffed, and there are many pile-ups, especially paperwork, the company hires errand providers to help clear the pile-ups. At times the boss doesn’t want their staff to perform tasks that are unrelated to their duties.

And for any corporate errands, the company offering the errand services should have experience in administrative tasks. It’s mostly advisable to be very professional and diligent in the errands you are about to provide.

This always facilitates a very easy and flexible environment that will automatically enable you to get assistance whenever needed. No need to worry about being obligated to having temporary staff for a longer duration. Be sure to get top-notch quality administrative assistant tasks, which will boost your overall business output. They provide excellent office work that will ensure that your business is running accordingly with schedules and timelines being met.

Corporate errands also involve providing that perfect human resource support, which will assist you with all the Human Resource works. You can use corporate errands to assist your business when it comes to the recruitment process. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a headache for you as the corporate errands will always be covered. Tasks like payroll processing, employee timesheets, and application for leave forms will be easier to carry out than employing a Human Resource Manager, especially if you are a small growing company.

Below are some of the advantages of corporate errands and these include the following;

  • You no longer have to worry about stress since all your corporate works have been simplified. Being stress-free prevents overall mental depression and burnouts as a result of being a workaholic.
  • Corporate errands generally will save you time, especially if you have to do a lot within a timeframe. You will not worry about queues and traffics thanks to the errand assistant who will carry out your errands. So this will create time that you can spend with your family or attending that dream seminar.
  • Due to the nature of qualification that corporate errands offer, you will rest assured that everything is under control. It will give you all the errand supporting system that you desire most.

Final Words

With the busy schedules and tight timelines, individuals always hire the services of an errand runner so that they can meet some of the deadlines. Maybe a company is still in the earlier incubation stage; thus, the boss will need corporate service to enable Human Resource tasks to be handle.

This way, they find it a bit cheap and not obligated to keeping temporary staff over a longer time duration. It’s always advisable to

do your research first before hiring any errand services.

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