who is a travel concierge

A travel concierge is a service[s] offered with all the components of a specific trip. Travel concierges usually have substantial knowledge on a specific destination that the traveller may not know. They also offer transportation services, hospitality, tourist attractions at your destination and most importantly guiding services so that you never lose your way in a new area.
A company offering travel concierge services tends to have arrangements with tourist hotspots in an area, great restaurants with the best local and international foods, private transporters as well as accommodation providers. With such arrangements in place, you are guaranteed proper and timely services at a great price without having to go through a hassle.
Although a travel concierge may do some work that travel agents and tour guides do, they are not the same. Instead, a travel concierge will only come in when there arises a problem[s] with the planning of your tour by your travel agency. So, how exactly are the two different from each other? Well, let’s find out.
Like we mentioned before, the two may seem to offer the same services, but they are totally different. A travel agency consists of salespersons that specifically represent and offer services from specific hotels, private transport providers and generally specific tour packages. They only offer services from brands that they represent and will not offer you other options to choose from.
For example, a travel agency will offer you with great tour packages, however, that are just about it. Once you book the package, you will not have any more assistance which will be necessary like knowing the best eatery locally and much more.
When it comes to a travel concierge, you will find that these are the folks that have vast knowledge of the place you are touring. The best travel concierge has all the information and experience of a certain region or country in general. This is what they will share with their clients and they will take time to understand what the client needs and how best they can help them reach their targets. A travel concierge is who you call in case something goes wrong during your and even when you are through with your trip. So for a hassle free trip or vacation, you need the best travel concierge in the area to help you out when your travel agency can’t.
We are a professional travel concierge based in Nairobi Kenya and we are passionate about our rich and incredible country. We share knowledge on the least known but great restaurants, bars and spectacular spots to make the best of your travel. We strive to make your trip in Kenya the best than just sitting in a fancy resort throughout. Who says that vacations should only be in luxurious hotels, wouldn’t you love to mix with the locals while you get the best attention and care? Wakah errand and concierge will guide you through it all.
Unlike other luxurious travel concierges which will only deal with luxurious spots, Wakah errands and concierge will offer you a touch of luxury together with the entire local services that you may require. Some of our services include but not limited to the following.
• Escorting you to events/hangouts
• Translating and interpreting the local language
• Helping with day to day interests as they come
• Choosing the best price options on different services
• Scheduling doctor’s appointments
• Escorts to local markets including the Maasai market
• Booking affordable accommodations in different parts of the country
• Airport transfers
• Access to budget airlines
• Advising on different budget friendly tourist spots in Kenya
• Organizing matatu rides
• Visiting the city with locals
• Kibera tour the second largest slum in Africa
• Visit to KICC and so much more
If you have any more questions about our services or there is a service that we have not included and you would love to try it, on your next trip to Kenya, you can get in touch with us via email……. You will also find out if Wakah errands and concierge is the best and right fit for all your trips to Kenya.

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