About Us

Wakah Errands and Concierge Services

Who We Are

Wakah Errands is a company registered under the laws of the land of Kenya operating as a delivery and errands services provider in Nairobi and its outskirts.

What We Do

We offer customized services in delivery, personal and corporate errands, motorbike delivery and courier services, door to door delivery, e commerce delivery,
senior errands, messenger services, cake delivery, banking and check deposit services, wait on the que services, flower delivery and gift delivery.
Our main mission is to solve people’s problems in terms of time and money.


How We Do It


Order Management

We use highly integrated and modern order management systems to receive and track your orders to their final destination


Reliable Distribution

We have a network of collection points countrywide meaning you will not loose any orders because of distance


Storage and Warehouse Facilities

 We have modern storage and warehouses in the heart of Kenya’s capital Nairobi and various collection points based strategically in the country meaning you
don’t have to rent a stall in every town to operate your online business.


Flexible and Efficient payment

We utilize modern ways of payment collection and remittance. Cash on Delivery (COD) county wide

Why Choose Us?

our team is one of the best in the region. We recruit based on merit, experience and credibility. Your tasks are safe in our hands as we take you seriously.
We are goal-oriented and we strive to give every task our best shot.

every minute wasted is so costly to recover and it’s our task to have things done in and on time.
Vast knowledge of the city- For a long time we have been in the errands business, we understand what to do in every situation. We understand the hustles on the roads and traffic hotspots. This helps us avoid delays as we know which routes to use at specific times to save on time.
We will guide you on where to source the best goods and services at times since we know the streets better than you do. Our experience and exposure to different situations and conditions will be added advantage once you choose to work with us.

As much as some tasks might come unprecedented, and the urgency of some is calling, you can always contact us at any time and we will give it our best.

The safety of your information is key to us. We consider a long term relationship with all our clients. We handle all data and information with the utmost care as we know how harmful it can be if it falls on the wrong hands.

Our main business is your Busyness. We take over the burden of stock management, storage and order fulfillment from you. Being a self made entrepreneur is not easy and we are here to help by offering solutions to your business and generally your well being as an entrepreneur.