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What is Door to Door Delivery, And how does it work?

The shipping and logistics industry is made of different parts one of them being door-to-door delivery. This mode of delivery is widely used by most logistics companies as a way of boosting business. As a result, one of the most significant ways to stand out in this industry is by catering to door-to-door delivery.

Today, we shall take you through door-to-door delivery, and how it works in the shipping and logistics industry. Furthermore, we shall take you through some of the advantages it has over other modes of delivery.


Door-to-door delivery is the process of delivering a product ordered online to the consumer. With door-to-door, the courier company collects the ordered products from the seller’s shop or warehouse, transports them, and delivers them to the exact location of the consumer. Furthermore, it’s not only limited to product delivery but other things like documents, groceries, gifts, and flowers among others.


Door-to-door delivery starts with a consumer placing an order online for a specific product. The seller provides the product and the courier manages the transportation from the seller to the consumer or customer. The courier will collect the product or item together with all the necessary paperwork from the seller’s point of collection and take it to the customer’s doorstep.

The courier is usually a third-party logistics company. However, some sellers provide their means of delivery up to the customer’s doorstep without involving a third party. The entire door-to-door delivery process is summed up in these stages.

  1. Collection from point of origin
  2. Completing all documentation of the product
  3. Transportation of the product
  4. Delivery to the customer’s preferred location



With door-to-door delivery, as a consumer, you will not have to visit the seller’s warehouse or the courier’s service center. Once the product is picked up from the seller, it is delivered directly to the customer.


The seller and consumer will not face the burden of extra charges. A vendor doesn’t have to incur extra charges that come with warehousing his products by the courier company. Also, the seller won’t incur charges that come with shipping many products at once. The product is usually delivered to the customer immediately after it’s ordered.


The entire process is easy to manage especially when using a third-party logistics company. The product is picked and all you have to do is track until it reaches the customer. There are no other steps involved in this mode of delivery.


Here the third-party company is liable for any issues that will arise during the transportation of the product. This is an added advantage to the seller as they will only incur the delivery charge and still be sure that the product reaches safely.


Door-to-door delivery will allow your business to run smoothly and efficiently. Your products will reach your customers on time and you won’t use any other resources during the fulfillment process.

Other advantages of door-to-door delivery include

  • Saves time
  • Less paperwork
  • Streamlined communications
  • Highly versatile


Various companies offer door-to-door delivery. However, Wakah Logistics stands out as one of the best in Kenya today. With many years of experience, we boost unmatched door-to-door as well as same-day delivery services in Kenya. We partner with different couriers to ensure we reach even the furthest of places. With dedicated account managers and customer care operatives, we ensure all our clients are catered for in the shortest time possible.


Door-to-door delivery is important for any business out there. It is safe and you are guaranteed that your customers receive their products on time. You will also get various benefits while using this service. Make use of them today and stand out against your competitors.

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